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Super Bowl XLII Memories: A Look Back At The BBV Archives, Part 4

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When the New York Giants and New England Patriots met in the Super Bowl in 2008 we all remember that Plaxico Burress guaranteed a Giants' victory. At the time, Giants coach Tom Coughlin was none too happy about it.

As we continue looking back at the Big Blue View archives from the buildup to that Super Bowl let's look back at the guarantee and TC's reaction to it.

Plax talking too much for TC
If Tom Coughlin has not already had some words -- probably choice ones -- with Plaxico Burress I think it's safe to assume Burress will hear from the coach soon.

Coughlin is not too pleased with the bravado of Burress, who has predicted a Giants' victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

"This is not how we've done things all year," said Coughlin Tuesday.