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Super Bowl XLII Memories: A Look Back At The BBV Archives, Part 3

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The very first post I ever wrote for Big Blue View was in regards to Eli Manning, and it seems we have never stopped debating the New York Giants quarterback. We probably never will, in some form.

Prior to the 2008 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots Manning was, of course, part of the debate. As we continue our look back at the BBV archives from the buildup to the 2008 Super Bowl let's look at an Eli discussion that took place.

Analyzing Eli's Improvement

This one was based off an article from Peter King of This is part of what I wrote then. See what you think of it now.

The Giants' play-calling with offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride has been better in recent weeks than I can remember. The Giants seem to have finally established what kind of team they want to be, using the run, play action and the shorter, quicker passes extensively. I think that simplifies the game for Manning a bit.

Plus, maybe we have all been hasty to write him off. He will probably never put up the numbers of his brother Peyton, but he doesn't have to.

In these playoffs alone, he has shot down Jeff Garcia, Tony Romo and Brett Favre. Whether he adds Brady to that list or not, I think we know now that the quarterback position appears to be in good hands for the foreseeable future.