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New York Giants News and Notes: Saturday Reading Material Edition

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Good morning fellow Giants fans and welcome to the weekend. This is always a sad weekend for football fans, with an in-between weekend before the Super Bowl, and it makes fans of the Giants and Patriots even more anxious in this case. And despite the fact that the Pro Bowl is Sunday, it's pretty much an off-day, and the first indicator that another season is in the books, or will be soon. Before I make myself and all of you depressed (if I haven't already), let's see what news is floating around about the Giants this morning.....

NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick justify Bill Parcells' Super belief in them - NY Daily News
So much connects these two teams and two coaches, this game, but you might as well start with Parcells. He knows these two coaches as well as anybody, because both of them worked on his staff once at old Giants Stadium. Parcells promoted Belichick to defensive coordinator, and the two of them sure made some history together. Parcells not only hired Coughlin, but later ended up coaching against him in an AFC Championship Game. When asked about Belichick and Coughlin Friday morning Parcells immediately said, "Different guys, but the same coach, starting with the fact that they both paid their dues."

Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowl: Brandon Jacobs' 2-foot run is lost in glory of that one-handed catch |
David Tyree’s spectacular leather-on-helmet catch is, rightfully so, remembered as the marquee play on that drive, the one where Giants history was made and the one that earned them their first Super Bowl title since 1990-91. But with that 2-yard gain on fourth-and-1, Jacobs and the offensive line kept it going, saving a timeout along the way and providing just enough of a breather to bring on two entirely different sets of personnel.

Giants fans remain true blue - Metro - The Boston Globe
Every Sunday morning growing up in Watertown, Barry Belotti would scramble into the back of his parents’ powder-blue ’59 Cadillac and head down to Providence for a family dinner. All through the feast, the stuffed mushrooms and the overflowing bowls of spaghetti and meatballs, Belotti was counting the minutes until 1 p.m., when his beloved New York Giants would take the field.

No Longer Doubted, Giants' Thomas Finds Niche On Special Teams | Fox News
Devin Thomas always believed he'd be an impact player in the National Football League, albeit with another team and in a far different role than the one he currently occupies with the New York Giants. Four years ago, the physically-gifted wide receiver was hailed as a potential future frontline player after bursting onto the radar of scouts and personnel executives with a sensational junior season at Michigan State

New York Giants playoff report: Jacquian Williams wearing a walking boot - NFL - Sporting News
Williams was immediately put in a walking boot and sat out practice Thursday and Friday and is not expected to get any work on the field until the Giants next Wednesday hold their first workout in Indianapolis. Williams said he is confident he will be able to practice next week and tried to assure everyone around him that he will unquestionably play in the Super Bowl.

The fact that this is probably very disturbing to you all means that this kid has made a remarkable impact in his rookie season.

Giants spent years perfecting winning formula | Reuters
The New York Giants are one win away from becoming the only National Football League (NFL) team with four Super Bowl wins in the last 25 years, a stunning turnaround for a franchise that always seemed to come up short in its early years.

Giants' DBs don't feel 'secondary' - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
the Giants' secondary looked like such an easy target that Mark Sanchez and the Jets threw 59 passes against them in the Christmas Eve game. That turned out to be a huge mistake, however, as the Giants' secondary was in the process of turning a corner. They blanketed the Jets' receivers, won that game and haven't lost since. And while the defense still lives and dies with the performance of its pass-rushing linemen, the performance of the secondary has been a big part of the five-game win streak that has landed the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Surprise: Indianapolis 'highly desirable' Super Bowl city
The combination of the city's walkable downtown and experience handling big sporting events should make Indy a "pleasant surprise"

Which Super Bowl team has the best hometown eats? | new, york, bowl - Life - The Orange County Register
The New York Giants and New England Patriots will face off on Super Bowl Sunday, but before the teams hit the gridiron there's another title at stake: best hometown cuisine. With both teams coming from regions rich in history, it wasn't hard to name some classic dishes. So make room for some baked beans next to the guacamole and wings, and put down the Pizza Hut – there's New York-style pie to be had

Take it from someone who no longer has access to New York pizza--there is no better food on the planet. We win that one, hands down! Enjoy your Saturday, everyone. And as Steve Weatherford so eloquently said as he sprinted across the Candlestick turf last Sunday,.......ah, never mind. I could get in trouble for that.