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Super Bowl XLII Memories: A Look Back At The BBV Archives, Part 2

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Let's continue our look back at the Big Blue View archives from the coverage prior to Super Bowl XLII with a classic -- the discussion of those 19-0 t-shirts that were available for purchase prior to the game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

Pats' fans celebrating a little too soon?

Here is what I wrote that day:

This didn't come from Bill Belichick, Tom Brady or Robert Kraft -- but obviously somebody thinks it's a foregone conclusion that the New England Patriots will beat the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

These shirts are already on sale from a Web site called

Hopefully, this will work out as well for the Patriots as Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones taking orders from players for NFC Championship Game tickets before his team had played the Giants.

When I look back at this you know what strikes me? This story drew nine comments from the Big Blue View community. Nine! Things certainly have changed.