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Giants Afternoon Reading Material, SB Nation New York Style

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We will be trying to crank out as many Super Bowl XLVI posts as possible leading right up to kickoff of New York Giants vs. New England Patriots, The Sequel. Here are a few goodies that the oustanding writing staff at SB Nation New York, including yours truly, have produced already this week.

Super Bowl 2012, Giants Vs. Patriots: Getting To Know New England - SB Nation New York
Let's take a look at the New England Patriots as the Patriots and New York Giants get ready to play in Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis. This will be a basic, if slightly off-beat, primer.

Tom Coughlin: Tim Tebow Of The Coaching Community - SB Nation New York
Tom Coughlin has been compared to Bill Parcells, Bill Cowher and Bill Belichick but the Giants fiery head coach shares more in common with the Denver Broncos superstar quarterback Tim Tebow.

2012 Super Bowl, Giants Vs. Patriots: Has New England's Defense Really Improved? - SB Nation New York
Defense wins championships. That is the long-held mantra of football coaches and analysts everywhere.

Eli Manning Admits Facing Tom Brady In Another Super Bowl Is 'A Little Strange' - SB Nation New York
New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning admitted this week that facing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots again in the 2012 Super Bowl is "a little strange."

2012 Super Bowl, Giants Vs. Patriots: John Mara Praises Giants, Tom Coughlin - SB Nation New York