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Giants The 2012 Super Bowl Underdogs? Well, Not Really

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Shhhhhhh! The New York Giants remain three-point underdogs to the New England Patriots, at least according to the oddsmakers. Don't tell the Giants, though, that they are increasingly seen as anything but underdogs in their 2012 Super Bowl rematch with the Patriots.

Here is Mike Freeman of CBS Sports:

The Giants aren't underdogs where it counts, which is on the field. The Giants are an explosive, athletic, mentally tough team. I might even go as far to say they are a great team and I would definitely say the Giants, in some ways, are better than the Patriots. In fact, they've already beaten the Patriots.

Please shut up about underdogs or lack of respect. Please, I'm begging you, Giants.

The only true advantage the Patriots have is at the head coaching position. Tom Coughlin is making his case for the Hall of Fame (if he beats Bill Belichick and Tom Brady twice in the Super Bowl, roll out the red carpet) but Belichick is still better (to me, Belichick is the best coach in history).

But that is where the Patriots' advantage ends.

Here is Josh Alper of NBC New York:

Once you get outside of Vegas, it is hard to find anyone who actually thinks the Giants are underdogs in Super Bowl 46. The New York media is treating a Giants win like it is a fait accompli and many of the national pundits who have shared their picks are opting for the Giants.

There's good reason for that. Any clear-headed analysis of the game finds that the Giants are equal to or better than the Patriots in just about every phase of the game, up to and including the matchups of quarterbacks and coaches that almost always goes in favor of New England.

On a neutral field with no weather concerns, it is hard to come up with too many ways to wrap your head around the Giants being the plucky underdogs against a team that they've already beaten on the road this season.

Like I said, just don't tell the Giants there are lots of people who actually EXPECT them to win. They don't want to hear it, anyway.