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Super Bowl XLII Memories: A Look Back At The BBV Archives, Part 1

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Former Big Blue View co-writer 'jrs1940,' still a VERY occasional poster here, e-mailed Wednesday night with a terrific idea. Jim suggested we go back into the Big Blue View archives and reference some of the posts done in 2008 leading up to that Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots.

So, let's do that. Each day leading up to the 2012 Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the Patriots I will pick one story from the archives for you guys to reminisce about. It's pretty interesting, actually, to look back at how we previewed that game vs. how we do things now at BBV. It's also pretty instructive to look at the total number of comments and see just how incredibly this place has grown.

So, here is the first 2008 Super Bowl preview post we will look back at.

Cowboys' fans still whining - Big Blue View

In this post, we talked about Dave Halprin, editor of Blogging the Boys, telling Dallas Cowboys fans to -- unbelievably -- root for the Giants against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. His readers did not take that well, as witnessed by this remark:

"It will be useless to root for the Giants. I forsee the biggest blowout in SB history in 2 weeks, when the Giants lucky run comes to an embarassing halt. Giants aren't even close to being the best team in the NFC. They faced a very average Bucs team and both the Cowboys and Pack played very poor games against them. Giants will get crushed by the Pats and Eli's pysche will be ruined forever."

Enjoy, folks!