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Giants' First Super Bowl Title Was 25 Years Ago

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Wednesday marked the 25th anniversary of the New York Giants first Super Bowl championship, a 39-20 thrashing of the Denver Broncos on Jan. 25, 1987.

That, as Giants fans know, was the game Phil Simms will always be remembered for as he went 22-of-25 passing for 268 yards and three touchdowns. His 88 percent completion percentage is still a Super Bowl record.

You know the history, Giants fans. A 10-9 halftime deficit, followed by 24 straight points by the Giants to blow the Broncos out of the Rose Bowl.

That was a great Giants team with Simms, Joe Morris and Mark Bavaro on offense, along with Lawrence Taylor, Harry Carson, Carl Banks, George Martin and Leonard Marshall on defense. Coached, of course, by Bill Parcells.

If you are old enough that you remember watching that game, please feel free to share your memories. If you are a young pup who has only heard the stories, sit back, read and learn about what still might be the best team the Giants ever had.