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2012 Super Bowl, Giants Vs. Patriots: Does Layoff Help, Or Hurt, Giants?

If you are like most NFL fans you absolutely hate the two-week layoff between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. If your team is not in the game you just want the season to be completely over with, in fact maybe you consider it over with, anyway. If your team is in the game, like the New York Giants are in Super Bowl XLVI, you just want the talking to stop and the game to begin.

Asked Tuesday about the layoff between games, though, Giants safety Antrel Rolle made an interesting observation.

"I'm not too antsy. This last stretch has been an exhausting one, a lot of hard work, you're just putting everything to the side for these five games, which was very much needed. It took a lot of mental space, as well as physical pounding and doing whatever it took to get to this point," Rolle said. "And you know, once we're here, we're not going to stop now. So I'm going to enjoy this little time off, and once we come back to work on Thursday, I will be ready and full speed. Like I said, it all starts in practice."

That's a good point. The Giants have played five consecutive "all-in" elimination games. They are rolling and you might think playing this Sunday would help them keep that momentum going.

Maybe, though, the Giants will benefit from a little rest before facing the New England Patriots.

Your thoughts, Giants fans? Is it making you crazy to have to wait another week-and-a-half? Do you think the time off helps the Giants? Hurts the Giants? Doesn't make any difference?