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Super Bowl 2012, Giants Vs. Patriots: Living With The Enemy

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Being in the 2012 Super Bowl is, of course, a great thing for the New York Giants and their fans. If you are a long-time member of Big Blue View you know, however, that the Super Bowl XLVI matchup with the New England Patriots causes me a problem.

If you are new enough around here that you don't know where this is going, let me explain.

It's really simple. My 15-year-old son Ryan is a Patriots fan. Every time we play Madden it is Giants (me) vs. Patriots (him), and that will obviously be the case the next couple of weeks. As you can imagine, though, that is going to make the next couple of weeks interesting around my house. And it will, of course, make watching the game pretty aggravating if things don't go well for the Giants. Not to mention that I know my son well enough to be fully aware that, should the Patriots manage to win, the knife-twisting will never end.

How do I know this? Well, I happen to also be a New York Yankees fan. My son happens to be a Cleveland Indians fan, which is how this whole mess started. This is my dad's fault, for giving Ryan an Indians cap for a birthday present when he was small. Since that time Ryan has decided that it is more to root against the teams I like than to root for them.

Every time I have taken him to Yankee Stadium to see Indians-Yankees, Cleveland has won. Occasionally, I still get '22-4' insults from him, since the Indians won the first game we went to together by that ugly score.

My older children are both on the proper side, having grown up as proper young people who root for the Giants. They can't help me in this situation, though, since neither of them lives at home any longer and won't be at the house Super Bowl Sunday.

My wife isn't going to help much, either. Again, the signs are obvious. She is not a sports fan, but the fact that she is currently in the process of quilting Ryan a Patriots blanket is all I need to know. That and the fact that I know she was enjoying it Sunday when the Patriots had already qualified for the Super Bowl and the Giants were losing to the San Francisco 49ers.

Right now, the Super Bowl XLII victory over New England by the Giants has given me the upper hand. If I'm going to keep it, though, the Giants need to help me out.