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New York Giants News And Notes: Just 12 More Days Of Super Bowl Talk

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Good morning, New York Giants fans! I wonder if anyone around the Inter-Google is writing about the Giants today. Let's look around and find out.

Eli on SB: 'I knew there was a shot' - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Even when the Giants were 7-7 and a berth in the playoffs was no sure thing, Eli Manning thought they had a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

"I knew there was a shot. We have talent on this team, we have guys who are committed to being good. It's just a matter of, 'Can we put it all together? Can we play our best football at the right time? And that's just what's happened," Manning said Monday in an interview on ESPN New York 1050's "The Michael Kay Show."

Patriots' Tom Brady, Robert Kraft still at a loss when Super Bowl XLII is mentioned |
"As time goes on, I still can’t watch highlights from that game," Brady said Monday, in his weekly spot on Boston’s WEEI radio.

Robert Kraft agreed: "I’ve never been able to watch it."

Serby gives Giants fans...XLVI reasons to believe! -
Post columnist Steve Serby lays out why Giants fan should be confident about Big Blue’s Super Bowl rematch with the Patriots on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis.

NY Giants journey to Super Bowl XLVI was powered by a season of big plays like Victor Cruz's 99-yard touchdown vs. NY Jets - NY Daily News

ESPN Boston Readers Vote Not to See 2008 Super Bowl Highlights -

Good News, Bad News For Giants Season Ticket Holders In Super Bowl XLVI Lottery " CBS New York

New York Giants' Antrel Rolle has another shot at elusive Super Bowl ring
New York Giants' Antrel Rolle has another shot at elusive Super Bowl ring, Bickley: Former Arizona Cardinals star Antrel Rolle is back in the NFC Championship Game. And he knows what his New York Giants are up against.

After Giants vs. Patriots, It Could Be Christie vs. Bloomberg -
Stunningly, some would go so far as to say miraculously, the New York Giants of New Jersey are going to the Super Bowl. You know what this means, don’t you? For the next two weeks there may be cross-border skirmishing over whether the west bank or the east bank of the Hudson River gets to organize the celebration if the team wins the big game, scheduled for Feb. 5 in Indianapolis.

Manning, JPP replaced On Pro Bowl Roster

Manning Believed In Tynes
"When we were in Green Bay, he’d already missed some and it was a long field goal," Manning said Monday afternoon during his weekly radio spot on 1050 ESPN. "I was kind of more almost surprised when he made that. It was a long field going and it was going to be tough. I was preparing to go back out on the field.

"This time, I had a great confidence he was going to make it. I felt ‘We’re here, he’s got to make this and we’re going to do it.’ It was kind of a sigh of relief [after] a tough physical day."

Don't pick against the Giants, or cross Ann Mara | New York Daily News

Giants' Tom Coughlin is enjoying the game more than ever as his team heads to the Super Bowl |