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Three Reasons The Giants Defeated The 49ers

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Wow, there is a lot going on today with the New York Giants having reached the 2012 Super Bowl. Just to further the discussion as we head toward Monday evening, here is a quick list of Three Reasons The Giants Won on Sunday.

1. Special Teams -- The Giants beat the 49ers at their own game. San Francisco has used special teams and defense all season to cover up the limitations of its offense. Two miscues by Kyle Williams, two brilliant plays by Devin Thomas, a great performance from Steve Weatherford and a clutch kick from Lawrence Tynes gave the Giants the advantage in that department. Ultimately, the victory as well.

2. The Brilliance and Courage of Eli Manning -- Manning dropped back 64 times, got sacked six times, according to's Peter King he got hit an astounding 23 times -- and never turned the ball over. Yes, there was one fortunate fumble recovery and a couple of downfield throws that could have been picked off, but when you drop back that many times and face that kind of pressure stuff is going to happen.

3. The Defensive Line -- The Giants gave up some rushing yards, but not enough to allow the 49ers to control the flow of the game. They also harassed Alex Smith and never let him get comfortable.

I'm sure you guys can add others. This is just a little something to pump up the discussion.