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Giants Vs. Patriots: Some Reactions From Around SB Nation

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As you know, Big Blue View is not the only place around the massive family of SB Nation websites to find terrific football writing. That it is the best place anywhere to chat about the Giants goes without saying (gee, did I just say it?), but I thought this morning I would give you a quick tour of SB Nation to see what else is being written about the New York Giants and New England Patriots reaching the 2012 Super Bowl.

Is Eli Manning Better Than Peyton? And Other Questions Following Championship Sunday -
Is Eli Manning better than Peyton Manning? Looking back at the day that was and forward to the Super Bowl with that question and six others from Sunday.

PHOTOS: Eli Manning Took An Absolute Pounding In The NFC Championship -

Super Bowl XLVI: How The New England Patriots Got Back To The Big Game -

Jim Harbaugh's Mighty Men Rally Around Kyle Williams - Niners Nation

The 2011-12 San Francisco 49ers: One Fan's Story - SB Nation Bay Area

One quick request, gang. Let's leave the folks at Bleeding Green Nation, Gang Green Nation and the other Giants-hating websites to their misery. There's already been plenty of trolling and gloating. Give it a rest, stay here and enjoy talking about another great time in Giants history with like-minded people who can really enjoy it.