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Giants Vs. 49ers: Ahmad Bradshaw Press Conference, 01.20.12

Q: What do you see from San Francisco?

A: They are a great defense. We just have to stick to our game plan. Linebacker-wise, they have great linebackers and a great DB corps. I just want to go out and play my game. We have a great plan and I think we will be fine.

Q: What has helped you prepare this week?

A: Right now, we have a lot of confidence. We have a lot of guys that have been in this situation. We have a great game plan going into it. Playing them the first time gave us a lot of ammo and we have things to use against them. If we can go out and execute, we will be fine.

Q: What did you take from that game?

A: We learned a lot and we have a lot of stuff on film. I think our coaches handled what our game plan is going to be and like I said, if we execute, we will be good.

Q: What is it like to be the road team?

A: Our plan is to take their crowd out the game and that is just by making plays. We had seven big plays last week and if we can stick to that routine, we can hopefully take their crowd out of it.

Q: Is it important to run the ball against them?

A: No question and that is the plan in every game to run the ball especially because of how good we have been these last couple games running the ball.

Q: Does David Baas’ stomach bug affect the offense?

A: It is not a concern. We have great guys that can back everybody up and who can do the job. My confidence in those guys is the same as with our starters. Our backups do a great job and my hat goes off to all the linemen.

Q: Does the weather matter?

A: It doesn’t matter what the conditions are. If it is a rainy game, hopefully we run the ball more. Just stick your cleats in and keep digging.