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Giants Vs. 49ers: What The 49ers Are Saying

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Here is a quick look at some of what members of the San Francisco 49ers said Thursday as the 49ers prepped to host the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game. You can see videos of the full press conferences on the 49ers website.

Linebacker Patrick Willis:

On the 49er defense: 'Our defense is just about going out there and playing with everything we have and leaving it all on the field."

On the Giants: "They'll still do some of the similar things, but they're a different team than we played then. It's a new game, going to be a new day."

Defensive end Justin Smith:

On the 49er defense: "Our ability to create turnovers has been the key to our success. It's all about turnover ratio and taking points off the board."

On the Giants: "They're going to run the ball, they're going to play action. That's what they do. They aren't going to change who they are and what they do at this point in the season."