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Giants Vs. 49ers, Five Things To Watch

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The NFC Championship Game featuring the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers is only a couple of days away at this point. I am sure you all have your own ideas on what the keys to the game are.

Here are my 'Five Things To Watch' on Sunday as the Giants try to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time in four years.

1. The Impact Of The Weather -- Some folks think the rainy conditions at Candlestick help the Giants. Others think they help the 49ers. Some say offense, others defense. All I know is it will be a messy track Sunday and it will have some type of effect. My worry is that the Giants are the team that relies on big plays in the passing attack and on getting yards after the catch. That's an issue in the mud.

2. Can The Giants Stop The Run? Frank Gore isn't going to get just six carries for zero yards this time. The Giants need to control the San Francisco running game and make them try to win the game via the pass.

3. Can The Giants Run The Ball? Yes, Giants fans have faith in Eli Manning. The Giants have to get some plays in the running game, though, and that won't be easy in the mud against a big-time front seven.

4. Special Teams Play -- The 49ers have an All-Pro punter (Andy Lee), All-Pro placekicker (David Akers) and the best return man playing in Sunday's game (Ted Ginn). Special teams have shortened the field for San Francisco all season. Just cross your fingers and hope the Giants don't get hurt by special teams in this one.

5. How The Giants Handle Vernon Davis -- The tight end is the 49ers most dangerous weapon among their receivers. Will he be primarily Jacquian Williams' responsibility? Does Michael Boley draw the assignment? This is the guy the Giants have to control when San Francisco throws the ball.

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