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Antrel Rolle 'On Deck' With Tom Coughlin

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You know things have to be good around the New York Giants -- and today things are very good in East Rutherford -- when Giants' safety Antrel Rolle is expressing his appreciation for Giants coach Tom Coughlin.

Rolle, you will recall, has famously made comments about how he wished Coughlin would "loosen up." He has also been a thorn in Coughlin's side with a public persona that is much more open and opinionated than we know the 65-year-old Coughlin would like.

Today, though, Rolle sounds a little bit like Michael Strahan. You will recall that Strahan fought Coughlin's methods during his first couple of years in New York before finally changing his tune and becoming one of the coach's biggest supporters -- something that helped the Giants win a Super Bowl.

"When it's all said and done, as a guy, I've always liked him as a guy. He's probably one of the better men I've ever been around. It's just that his coaching style is different than anything I've ever been a part of, which is fine.

"Eventually you're going to get with his program," he said. "He's the boss man and we're his soldiers, so you have to get with his program, and it works. Obviously I was little stubborn at the time, but we're all on deck. That's coaches and players included."

Winning, and going to the playoffs, certainly does cure a lot of ills.