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New York Giants Afternoon Notes: 2012 Schedule Released, And More

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While New York Giants fans bask in the glow of Sunday night's NFC East clinching victory over the Dallas Cowboys and look toward this weekend's playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons, the earth is continuing to spin and things are continuing to happen around the Giants and the NFL. Let's catch up on some of what is going on.

The Giants will, of course, get the first-place schedule for 2012. What does that mean? Here is the lineup of the 10 games the Giants will play outside their division next season.

- vs. Green Bay

- @ San Francisco

- vs. New Orleans

- vs. Tampa Bay

- vs. Cleveland

- vs. Pittsburgh

- @ Atlanta

- @ Carolina

- @ Baltimore

- @ Cincinnati

The dates and times will be determined at a later date.

SB Nation's Falcons blog, The Falcoholic, is already asking if Atlanta can beat the Giants.

SB Nation released a mock draft today that has the Giants opting for an offensive lineman whose name I cannot yet spell, or pronounce.

While the Giants are preparing for the playoffs, the New York Jets are imploding while they head into the off-season.

Former Giants linebacker Harry Carson might run for Congress in New Jersey.