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Giants Vs. Cowboys: Post-Game Reaction

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So much to write about today in the wake of the New York Giants' NFC East-clinching 31-14 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. So little time, though, and only two hands to do it with. Mike did a great job summarizing a lot of the reaction in this morning's News And Notes.

I have spent my morning thus far posting all the Giants post-game interviews to our 'Transcripts' page. Following are some of the highlights, along with links to each individual transcript.

From coach Tom Coughlin (by the way, anyone out there still think he should be fired?):

"NFC East champions. That is a great thing to hear and I won't get tired of hearing that over and over again."

Here is another one from Coughlin, this one on the incredible play of Victor Cruz:

"He just keeps doing it and thank God he does. I am cheering for him, doing cartwheels on the sidelines as he is running by."

-- Full Coughlin transcript

Here is an entire section of the Victor Cruz transcript, with him talking about the amazing season he has had:Q:

How do you describe your skill?
A: I guess it is just God-given ability. When I get the ball in my hands I try to make the most out of every play. I try to make the maximum yardage I can get every time I touch the ball. God's blessed me with some ability to do some good things and to be able jump and run and run good routes. It's a testament to God.

Q: A lot of people can jump and run.
A: I guess so. I think it's more of being in the right place at the right time and using the ability to out-jump the defender or to run around them.

Q: What did you think was a realistic goal for you for this season?
A: A realistic goal was just to get a catch in a real game that mattered, in a real game that counted. Due to some unfortunate injuries, I was able to come in and play a significant role. It's been an amazing ride. It's been a rollercoaster for me. I'm excited that we're here, we won our division, and we're going to the playoffs.

Here is one from Giants' quarterback Eli Manning:

"I knew we were going to fight and keep playing until the very end. We've been pretty good about handling ups and downs and it was going to come down to the finish. Something Coach Coughlin has stressed all year and has kind of been one of our mottos or one of the things that he's talked about throughout the year is finishing the fourth quarter - finishing games and ending games and taking advantage of finishing the season strong. We got off to another strong start of the season, kind of late half we didn't play as well as we needed to. We had some tough games, but we needed to win two games to make it into the playoffs - beat the Jets, beat the Cowboys. We were able to do that and play big in the fourth quarter of both of those games to seal the win."

-- Full Manning transcript

Here is Giants' defensive end Justin Tuck:

"I think us playing like we played tonight and we played the last two weeks, it's going to be a tough road to beat us. Obviously playing at home, our crowd was amazing tonight. ... It was just one of those special nights. It seemed like everything came together tonight."

-- Full Tuck transcript

Giants' running back Brandon Jacobs, comparing this season to the Giants' Super Bowl 42 season:

"I would not want to face the New York Giants in the playoffs right now. I got the same feeling [that I had in 2007]. There's a lot of guys that are here that weren't here a couple of years ago when we went [to the Super Bowl in 2007], but it's the same kind of feeling that I have. It's basically the same road as well."

-- Full Jacobs transcript

Other Transcripts

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