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NFC Championship Game 2012: Osi Umenyiora Press Conference, 01.19.12

Q: What is your feeling about this week’s game?

A: I have the same feeling. I think we have had pretty good practices and I feel good about it. Obviously, they are a very good football team but I still feel pretty good.

Q: What do you see from them on offense?

A: It is smash mouth football is what they do. They have a very good defense so they don’t take very many chances. The quarterback is good and they have a good offensive line. They are a good football team.

Q: What does the chance of bad weather do for you and the team?

A: Any weather, it doesn’t really matter whether it is cold, rainy, snow or sunshine, it is going to be a good game regardless.

Q: What did you see from their offense the last four minutes of the Saints game?

A: At the end of the day, Alex was the number one overall pick so you know he has talent at the quarterback position. I know that there were a lot of busts at that position but anytime you take a guy that high, he has the ability to make those throws and he did that. He showed people what he was worth.

Q: How do you feel when your teammates said last week that your play inspires them?

A: I guess it is disappointing because that is the way I want to play every game and if I am not inspiring them every game, I am not doing my job.

Q: Because they run a lot do you think you will get a lot of playing time?

A: Whatever they want me to do I will do. If they don’t want me to play run downs or whatever they ask me to do, I will do. I have no problem with it and it is whatever at this point.

Q: Do you still feel like every game could be your last game as a Giant?

A: I can’t really discuss that right now. Whatever happens at the end of this year happens. Right now I am just focused on playing football. It is a pleasure and you don’t want to mix business with pleasure. It is fun for me and I am enjoying it. The business part of it I will take care of later.

Q: How does a team go from 7-7 to one game away from the Super Bowl?

A: We always knew we are a good football team. The way we were getting beat before, I don’t think we were getting annihilated, we were making mistakes. We knew once we fixed those mistakes, we would have a good chance of being a good football team. For some reason, we were able to correct them at the right time and everything is coming together right now.

Q: How exciting is this week for you?

A: It is great. It is a fun time and it has been a while since we have been in this situation and you can’t ask for much more. We are just happy with where we are right now.