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NFC Championship Game: Tom Quinn Press Conference, 01.19.12

How eager is everyone to get to the Super Bowl?

A: I think we are all eager. It is hard to get there and it is hard to get to this point. We want to take full advantage of the opportunity so we are all out to get it.

Q: Have you said anything as far as getting over the hump and making it there?

A: No, I think every man wants to get there regardless of if it is once or twice or however many times. It is hard to get there and everyone wants to.

Q: What do you think about the San Francisco 49ers special teams?

A: They are very, very solid. They have an exceptional punter, exceptional kickers and a great returner. They are very well rounded and very well coached.

Q: How does Ginn being hurt affect them?

A: They have another guy. Williams will probably be the guy. He has good returns on tape with punt returns and kickoffs. We are preparing for both.

Q: Do you think that is a big loss for them?

A: He is a great player but they have other good players so I am sure they will step right in. They are so well rounded and block well so the returners have good speed and good running skills. They are very solid.

Q: What do you see from their kicker?

A: He is doing well and he has some good hang time. In Philly, it was more directional but this is more driving it but he is driving it with hang time. It is tough to return so you have to be smart in terms of field position and when you bring it out.

Q: Is there anything Weatherford has done differently from last year?

A: I don’t think so, I thought he had a good year last year. His direction is something that we like when we brought him in. I think that is strong and either you are a big ball hitter or a directional guy, he has become a directional guy.