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Carl Banks Talks Giants-49ers

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Carl Banks spent some time talking New York Giants-San Francisco 49ers with a Sacramento radio station this week. He echoed Tom Coughlin's sentiment that the Giants are "a very dangerous football team."

Banks, the former great Giants linebacker who currently broadcasts games on WFAN with Bob Papa played in several big Giants-49ers games over the years, and said with the teams meeting on Sunday that "all is right with the world."

Banks said not making the playoffs would have been a "great disappointment" for the Giants because "it would have been a complete waste of talent."

Banks was asked what led to the Giants turnaround late this season, especially on defense.

"At a certain point good players are tired of being mediocre and doing stupid things. The other part of it is they got healthy, which helps. They also on the defensive side of the football started to get everyone on the same page.

"Whatever it is they are playing as a complete unit and its playing dividends."

Banks said the Giants are "very close" to what they were four years ago when they won the Super Bowl and opined that they will have to be Sunday against the 49ers.

"They're going to face a team that is so buttoned up and mentally tough. they're not going to make a lot of mistakes," Banks said. "They play a very disciplined brand of football."