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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Conference Championship Week Edition

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Last week: 4-0

Playoff record: 8-0

Season record: 173-91

So here we are with just three games of significance left in the regular season. Conference championship weekend is always great, but it's even better when your team is in it like ours is this weekend. Four teams remain with the right to move on to Super Bowl 46. Meanwhile, the blind squirrel who found an acorn two weekends ago by picking Tebow's Broncos finds himself regaining some of his vision as he sits at 8-0 with these picks heading into the NFL's Final Four. So with that, let's get to the picks, and the G-man will have his picks in an hour or so:

Baltimore at New England--It's never good when you have your own offense and defense exchanging pleasantries the way Ed Reed and Joe Flacco have this past week. Really, guys? Meanwhile, they have to figure out a way to stop Tom Brady--you know, the guy who threw for six touchdowns last Saturday. I'd say chances are better that the Ravens will score points against New England's defense than the Ravens' defense will be able to stop the Patriots from scoring points. Patriots 31, Ravens 17

NY Giants at San Francisco--I told someone at some point that I hoped the Giants would pull off the upset in Green Bay so that we'd have a rematch of the 1991 game at Candlestick in which the Giants won 15-13 on five Matt Bahr field goals. And we have that rematch, though we're a long time removed from 1991. We're even a long time removed from when the Giants and 49ers met in the wild card round in 2003. Instead, it's a rematch of Week 10 when the G-men lost to the Niners 27-20, but came extremely close to tying the game in the final minute. San Fran has had a wild ride this year, but the Giants just have this weird destiny thing going on right now. Giants 24, Niners 23

Bonus prediction: When Jim Harbaugh and Tom Coughlin meet at midfield after the game, TC will shake Harbaugh's hand vigorously and then slap him on the back so hard that Harbaugh falls down. After which, Harbaugh will shout out, (this is for all of you guys who like to quote Seinfeld), "Jimmy Down!"

Let's go G-men!