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Ranking The Four Quarterbacks Who Are Still Playing

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There are four teams left playing for the 2012 Super Bowl title, which means four quarterbacks to dissect and argue about. Just for the sake of starting a good argument, I ranked the final four quarterbacks in a post today over at SB Nation New York.

Where did I put Eli Manning? This one should actually be easy to figure out. I put Manning No. 2 on the list behind Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. I really don't think there is any way to justify doing anything else.

As for Nos. 3 and 4 I actually put them in the opposite order most would expect. I put San Francisco's Alex Smith third and Baltimore's Joe Flacco fourth, based mostly on Flacco's so-so 2011 season and his unimpressive playoff track record.

Stop on by and read the full reasoning. Also, be sure to check out the SB Nation New York Giants-49ers StoryStream for much more NFC Championship Game coverage.