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New York Giants News And Notes: Championship Week Thursday Chatter

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Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are your Thursday morning news and notes as the Giants prepare for Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers.

I wrote Wednesday about the wet weather expected in San Francisco the rest of the week. Giants coach Tom Coughlin said the forecast won't change the Giants preparation, or their game plan.

"It is what it is. There isn't going to be anything that we can do about it except go play in it. If we have to put the ball in a bucket of water a couple times this week, we will do that. We are going to prepare for whatever happens and hopefully be able to play our game," Coughlin said. "I am not going to change the plan. It is not going to change what we hope to do going in. Once we are in the game, if it becomes a factor then we would have to make adjustments."

Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks and defensive back Antrel Rolle disagreed Wednesday on whether muddy conditions gave the offense or the defense an advantage in the passing game. Which is exactly what you would think they would do, since they play on opposite sides of the ball.

"I feel like it's always to the receivers' advantage because we know where we're going on a route. DB's are just guessing or playing their coverage. So I always feel like it's to the receivers' advantage because we know what we're going to do during our routes," Nicks said.

Rolle countered with this: "That's Hakeem's statement. That's not my statement. I'm a defender. I don't feel that there are any advantages when you're playing the game of football. We're both going to be playing on the same field. [Wide receivers] know what they're doing when the field is dry. I think it's the same scenario, to be honest with you."

Justin Tuck spoke Wednesday about coming to terms with the injury-plagued season he has had.

"It's been one of those years where when it just seems like when you seem like you have it right and your body is starting to feel good, something else happens. When that happens, obviously there are going to be people questioning you about where your heart is and things like that. My teammates know where my heart is, my coaches know where my heart is," Tucks said. "I just came to the realization that I'm not going to be healthy this year, I'm not going to put up the stats that I've put up. But that doesn't mean that I can't help this football team win games."

Wide receiver Victor Cruz was asked about the changes in his career and his life from a season ago.

"A year ago I was just trying to find my way on this team and was trying to get off of IR and making sure I was healthy, getting ready for next year, watching the end of the season last year and seeing how that turned out. This year has just been a tremendous ride for me. I don't want it to end. We still have some goals in front of us and we want to complete those.

Now, for a quick spin around the Inter-Google.

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The irony of this most unexpected pairing can't be missed. The NFC Championship Game matchup that we never saw coming -- Giants versus 49ers -- is actually one we've become very familiar with over the course of the past three decades of postseason history.

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Davis absolutely destroyed the Saints in the Divisional round, going off for seven catches, 180 yards and two touchdowns -- including the emotional game winner -- in the 49ers' dramatic 36-32 win. After seeing what Davis did to New Orleans safety Roman Harper on Saturday, the Giants will likely consider doubling the big tight end with safety Antrel Rolle and/or corner Corey Webster.

Mayor Bloomberg and San Francisco counterpart, Ed Lee, make bet on Giants-49ers playoff game - NY Daily News
Mayor Bloomberg is betting an iconic San Francisco cable car will be flying Giants flags once Big Blue punches its ticket to the Super Bowl by beating the 49ers Sunday.

Bloomberg and his Bay Area city counterpart, Mayor Ed Lee, engaged in a friendly wager and some trash talking Wednesday.

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"It seems like people are in a panic about the perception (that) we are not doing a lot. We had a game plan, and we stuck to our game plan." — Giants general manager Jerry Reese, on Aug. 11

San Francisco 49ers – Niner Insider Blog – " Under pressure: Alex says Eli is No. 1 in terms of scrutiny
"To be Peyton’s little brother, the No. 1 pick and you go to New York to play for the Giants," Smith said. "That’s a lot of pressure. I don’t think anyone has been in the situation he has … Those are pretty unique circumstances. Your older brother is arguably the greatest quarterback ever and a lot of expectations are on you and you go to a big city like New York. I didn’t have to face those things."

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"They're playing at a much higher level," Staley said Monday. "Especially these last four or five games, they've done an outstanding job. And we (have) too, you know?"

Giants' Baas 'always believed' in Alex Smith - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
"With Alex, I've always believed he's had it in him," Baas told reporters at the Giants' practice facility. "He just needed a lot more guys to believe in him. I feel like he's gotten that, and I feel like their approach with him, just being one of the guys, one of the teammates, trying not to do too much, has really worked for him."