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2012 NFC Championship Game: Rain, Rain Won't Go Away For Giants-49ers

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Are the New York Giants better mudders than the San Francisco 49ers? Seems like we are going to have to find out Sunday in the NFC Championship Game.

According to, it is supposed to start raining in San Francisco on Thursday and pretty much not stop until Monday. That, of course, means messy conditions Sunday at Candlestick Park.

Does bad weather favor the Giants or the 49ers? You can probably make an argument either way.

The Giants are the big-play offense that depends on vertical plays in the passing game and yards after catch from their receivers. Theoretically, those would be harder to come by on a wet, slippery track. You could also argue that rain could impact the ability to throw the ball accurately to begin with.

The 49ers offense is built around Frank Gore and the running game, so a muddy track should not be as much of an issue for them. However, on paper the 49ers have an advantage in the kicking game with punter Andy Lee and placekicker David Akers both being named All-Pro, and a messy track might neutralize that, especially when it comes to Akers, a perennial Giants nemesis.

Thoughts, Giants fans?