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Super Bowl XLVI: Pats Fans Salivating For Another Shot At Giants

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If the New York Giants can dispatch the San Francisco 49ers this weekend and reach Super Bowl XLVI I am not sure Giants fans will care whether they are greeted by the New England Patriots or the Baltimore Ravens on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis.

The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy makes it brutally obvious, though, that the folks in New England care. A lot. The Giants, of course, beat the then 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, and in New England they are pining for a rematch.

Shaughnessy writes:

Super Bowl XLVI. At Lucas Oil (Can Boyd) Stadium in downtown Indianapolis. New England Patriots vs. New York Giants.

It's the Revenge of the Hoodie.

It's the Game That Must Not Be Named.

It's the '04 Red Sox getting another shot at the Yankees after Grady Little forgot to lift Pedro Martinez in 2003.

It's the matchup that's in the back of your mind, even if you are too superstitious to admit it. ...

The Patriots have to beat the Ravens. The Giants have to beat the 49ers. It's destiny. Four years after history was derailed in the Arizona desert, the Patriots are going to get another shot. Belichick and Tom Brady finally will have a chance for that elusive fourth ring and they get to do it against the same coach and quarterback who broke New England's heart in February of 2008.

So, question for you Giants fans. If the Giants get to Indianapolis, do you really care whether it's the Patriots or the Ravens on the other side of the ball? Sure, Patriots-Giants is the matchup that, as Shaughnessy says, is in the back of everyone's mind. Then again, the Giants have a Super Bowl XXXV score to settle with Ray Lewis and the Ravens, even if none of the current Giants played in the game.

Your thoughts?