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Giants 20, Packers 10: Second Half Open Thread

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Hail Eli! Eli Manning's Hail Mary to Hakeem Nicks on the final play of the first half stunned the Lambeau Field crowd and gave the New York Giants a 20-10 halftime lead over the NFC top-seeded Green Bay Packers.

I guess that was a perfect ending to a wild first half that saw Manning throw for 274 yards and two touchdowns, saw the Giants recover a surprise onside kick, get the short end of a replay decision that looked for all the world like a fumble by Green Bay's Greg Jennings. that cost them a touchdown, and get a field-goal blocked.

Whatever happened and however it happened, the Giants will enter the final 30 minutes of play with a 10-point lead and a chance to head to the NFC Championship Game.

Nicks has been spectacular with five catches for 166 yards and two touchdows, a 66-yard catch and run the Hail Mary reception.

Aaron Rodgers is 12-of-21 for 117 yards with one touchdown for the Packers.

Hang onto your seat belts, Giants fans. This promises to be a wild second half.