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BBV's Facebook Friends Have That Winning Feeling

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Earlier this week a I wrote a post headlined 'Three Reasons The Giants Can Win, Three Reasons They Can't.' Well, it stirred you guys up a little. It also stirred up some of our friends who follow Big Blue View via Facebook. I thought I would share some of the comments from BBV's Facebook page with you guys. Per Facebook style, the poster's name is followed by the comment. Enjoy!

Arcadio Lainez: Of course they can with the way the D is playing now. I like their chances.

Janette Garcia Brenton: I bELIeve in my BIG BLUE WRECKING CREW!!!! Everything is coming together at the just the right time so why not!!!!!

Duane Wirdel: We've got momentum, you can feel it all around.

Brion McAuley: It will be the G-Men. When they played the last time the running game was non-existent, our defense was injury plagued and we only lost by 3 points. It is our year Go G-Men!