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Giants Vs. Packers: Five Things To Watch

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Here are 'Five Things To Watch' Sunday when the New York Giants face the Green Bay Packers in an NFC Divisional Round playoff game at Lambeau Field.

1. The Giants Pass Rush -- This has been talked about so much this week it is an obvious place to begin. The Giants have to get pressure on Aaron Rodgers, they simply have to make him uncomfortable, they have to force him to make quicker decisions than he wants to make. There is something else, though. We also know that Rodgers is still dangerous once he is flushed out of the pocket. The Giants linebackers and defensive backs simply have to be disciplined and not leave Rodgers and free runners to throw to in the secondary once he is out of the pocket.

2. The Giants vs. Jermichael Finley -- How to handle the Green Bay tight end seems to have been an often-asked question this week. So, it has to be on this list. Most likely, that job falls to Michael Boley.

3. David Baas vs. B.J. Raji -- Raji disrespected the Giants offensive line this week, and it is up to Baas to make him eat his words. The Giants center has had a rough first year in New York with injuries and being targeted for the less-than-stellar play of the line this season. Baas can make a lot of that criticism go away by blowing the Packers Pro Bowl nose tackle off the ball consistently on Sunday. He will have to for the Giants to run the ball.

4. The Turnover Battle -- Mostly, when you think about this you think about the Giants not turning the ball over. It goes further, though. Green Bay is +24 in takeaway/giveaway margin this season, and if the Giants can somehow force a couple of turnovers from a stingy Packers offense that could swing the game.

5. Special Teams -- I wrote this last week, but it applies again. The Packers will have the most dangerous return man on the field in Randall Cobb. The Giants are still waiting for a big return from someone, or a blocked punt or turnover -- something that changes a game's momentum. Sunday would sure be a nice time to find it.