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New York Giants News and Notes: I Smell Cheese Edition

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Good morning fellow Giants fans. It's well-documented that I live in Wisconsin, among fans of the green and gold. This whole state is very passionate about their Green Bay Packers, and rightly so. But they are just a bit fearful of Big Blue coming to town Sunday to try and ruin their near-perfect season. More on that in a separate post, but suffice to say it's interesting to live here this time around. On to the news this Friday morning, a little over 48 hours until kickoff....

Catching Aaron Rodgers will be a race against time for Giants' D-line |
"1.7 seconds," the Giants’ defensive end said. "San Francisco, 2007. Quickest I’ve ever been there. I was unblocked, though." If only it were that easy for the Giants’ defensive linemen this Sunday in Green Bay against Aaron Rodgers. Maybe if they were all unblocked, they’d consider it to finally be a fair fight against one of the quickest releases in the NFL.

NY Giants head coach Tom Coughlin attempts to fill shoes of mentor Bill Parcells by winning second Super Bowl in eighth season - NY Daily News
"I just think he’s always been a very, very solid football guy," Parcells told the Daily News this week. "Hard working, determined, competitive and he’s definitely his own guy as a head coach. I thought he had tremendous ability to lead when he was an assistant coach. I could tell when he organized our receivers. I thought he would have a chance to be a good head coach."

Who among us doesn't love Parcells?

New York Giants playoff report: Aaron Ross cleared to practice, should play vs. Packers - NFL - Sporting News
The New York Giants got the news they were hoping for regarding cornerback Aaron Ross, who was forced out of last week’s playoff victory over the Atlanta Falcons with a concussion. Ross passed all the concussion protocol tests and was given medical clearance to practice, which he did on Wednesday. If he doesn't have a setback, Ross should be available to play on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

2012 Difference-makers - NFC East Blog - ESPN
But the November injuries to Michael Boley and Mark Herzlich were too much, and so the Giants called their old friend and brought him back Nov. 29. He started the very next game -- the one against the Packers on Dec. 4 -- and came up with an interception of Aaron Rodgers.

2012 NFL playoffs -- New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes inherited the toughness gene from his father - ESPN New York
He should have been shivering somewhere by a fire, praying that Tom Coughlin would never again call his number, doing something, anything at the NFC title game but exactly what he did: Throw off his jacket and charge onto the frozen field before Coughlin could go for it on fourth down.

This is a great article, if you are not blinded by that shirt Lawrence is wearing in that old photo.

Ex-Jet punter Weatherford thriving with Giants -
Well, the Giants certainly do. In his first season with them, Weatherford has been mostly a consistently solid addition with one terrific punt after another.

Green Bay Packers New York Giants playoffs –
Wipe the slate clean for Sunday's rematch in Green Bay in the NFC divisional playoffs. But that game told quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers of the Packers and Eli Manning of the Giants that big plays were there for the taking. Now Rodgers and Manning meet for the first time in the postseason.

Niners, Giants Could Be This Year's Party Crashers | Fox News
The 49ers and Giants have other ideas, however, and both of these budding spoilers may just have what it takes to make everyone's NFC Championship fantasy simply that.

Ultimate Texans " McClain: Expect at least one upset in weekend’s games
In the NFC, it won’t be surprising if New Orleans or San Francisco wins. It won’t be too surprising if the Giants pull a second consecutive upset in Green Bay.

As some of you mentioned Thursday, a lot of pundits are saying the Giants can pull off the upset, and that is just a bit unsettling. Still, I'd prefer to be the underdog.

It won't be as cold, but NY Giants looking for repeat of magical 2007 playoff victory over Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field this Sunday - NY Daily News
It won’t be nearly as cold on Sunday, when the Giants return to Green Bay for a divisional playoff game against the 15-1 Packers. If the forecast holds, it could feel almost 50 degrees warmer. But there are similarities to that classic game in the challenge these Giants are facing. They are a facing a team that seems unbeatable at home with a world-class quarterback and a deep army of receivers.

Green Bay Packers' B.J. Raji brings Jersey edge to the pregame playoff banter |
B.J. Raji knows they’re last in the NFL in total defense and that they’re just a shade better than the 2006 Indianapolis Colts, the worst defense to win a Super Bowl.

In early matchup, New York and Wisconsin cheddars vie to see who’s the big cheese - NY Daily News
The Green Bay Packers’ most rabid fans, known as cheeseheads, take it as an article of faith that their state makes the best cheddar. But is it really any match for the New York version?

Let me set the record straight here. New York cheddar is positively no match for Wisconsin cheddar. I'm sorry, I had to say it. Whoever tested these cheeses did not try the cheese from Brennan's Market or a whole host of cheese farms around Wisconsin. There are many levels of sharp cheddar, marked by years aged, and let's just say the best cheese here is not mild as the article suggests.

However, ultimately, we have the better football team, right guys? Okay, maybe not, but we are very very good and peaking at the right time. And the fruit from the upset tree is ripe. Get your game faces on, fellas. It's GO time!