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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Divisional Round

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Last Week: 4-0

Playoff Record: 4-0

Season Record: 169-91

Hey guys, I need to start by saying that this blind squirrel wearing Number 15 found an acorn last week by picking Denver. I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone else in the country picked the Broncos except me. I could also punctuate this by saying, "Sweet Jesus!" or "Good Lord!" but, well, I'm not a religious man like Mr. Tebow (I'm really just trying to be funny and no disrespect meant to any of you who actually are religious), so I will just accept my acorn and go back to my squirrel hut. Seriously though, that was one sick way to end the weekend after three virtual blowouts. I hope this Sunday brings us the same early evening excitement. With that, let's go to the divisional round, or, my favorite weekend of the football season: (and here are the G-man's picks too!)

New Orleans at San Francisco--There are two things I believe will slow down the Saints on Saturday. Their number 1 rush defense will not allow Drew Brees the luxury of a run game to set up the pass. And two, the Saints will not be able to use the Candlestick turf the way they cause track meets at home. Instead, receivers will be falling down (remember how it was when the Giants played there recently?) and Brees will be knocked off his rhythm. Meanwhile, Frank Gore will control the tempo of this and keep the ball away from the black and gold. Niners 23, Saints 20

Denver at New England--The way I felt about the Broncos last weekend is not how I feel about them this weekend--not on the road, not against a rested Patriots' team, not against Tom Brady. I only wonder if Belichick shook Josh McDaniels' hand before trying to milk him for information. Patriots 38, Broncos 20

Houston at Baltimore--There is a lot to like about this Texans' team, and they flat-out dominated the Bengals. Now they run into the buzz saw that is Ray Lewis' Ravens at home with two weeks' rest. It's been a good run, Gary Kubiak and TJ Yates, but the season will be over on Sunday afternoon for you guys. Ravens 20, Texans 10

NY Giants at Green Bay--I realize I write for a site that bleeds blue like I do. And I realize that all logic points to the Packers continuing their 2011 dominance and crushing the Giants' hopes, and in the process exorcising the demons from January 2008. I also realize that it's not likely Aaron Rodgers will find Corey Webster wide open the way Brett Favre did in a big moment. But of all the visiting teams this weekend (sorry New Orleans), I feel like this is the one that can pull off something huge. We are loose, we are ready and I see us going back to Frisco for the title game. Giants 30, Packers 27