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New York Giants News And Notes: Transcripts Galore Edition

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Good morning, New York Giants fans! Lots of media availability from players and coaches for both the Giants and the Green Bay Packers Wednesday, so lots of transcripts for you this morning. I will highlight some of them below.

Eli Manning [Full Transcript]

"We know that from here on out we're going to be on the road. We can play well on the road. This team has responded well when everybody is against us and things aren't looking as bright as they could be. Kind of like the last couple weeks of the season. We've come out and played well, played well last week. We have to keep that mentality that we're up against a brick wall. It's not going to be easy. We know that. We know it's going to be a tough road ahead. We're playing against a good team, but that's what makes it exciting. You get fired up for these opportunities."

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Lawrence Tynes on his game-winning kick against the Packers in 2008 [Full Transcript]

"It's obviously a special moment in my career for what I did, but I kind of moved on from that. We went up there last year and got our butts kicked. It's been four years, it's a great moment, it's a great memory, but we have a new task at hand this weekend."

Michael Boley on the improved defense [Full Transcript]

"Early on, we were so up and down with the linebackers and secondary. One week one thing would hurt us and the next week it would be something else. The last couple weeks, we brought things together, not really simplifying things but putting more emphasis on making sure everybody is on the same page."

Jason Pierre-Paul [Full Transcript]

"I think we are going to go out there and win. If the special teams, defense and offense plays the way we played last Sunday, we should come out with a victory."

Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy on the Giants [Full Transcript]

"When you look at the older tape, it is really what they have done schematically. There is a reason why we are both playing in this game. We are two of the last four teams in the NFC. They are playing well and they wouldn't be here if they were not so to me, that is to be expected. I think they are playing better than when they played us and earlier in the season they had some tough defeats also. It is playoff football and they are a very good football team."

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers on being the defending champs [Full Transcript]

"I think it helps us because we made the run, we know what it is like and we know the pressure that we are going to be under. It is a little different feel because we were the big underdog starting in the postseason last year and we made a run. We are the number one seed now so it is a different feeling. There is something about having a home playoff game, having our crowd here with their noise and the way they can be. We have a great opponent this week so we know we are going to have a tough challenge and we are looking forward to a home playoff game."

Giants coach Tom Coughlin on playing in Green Bay [Full Transcript]

"Road warriors, coming out of the woodwork. It is time to go out the road. It is time to renew some of those thoughts about playing on the road, the togetherness, the team being all for one and one for all, the mental toughness. You are going to need all those things there."

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