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Draft Talk: Mel Kiper Regrades Giants 2011 Draft

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Personally, I could go another two months and not talk about the 2012 NFL Draft at all. I know, though, we live in a draft-crazed universe. So, here we go.

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper today regraded the 2011 NFL Draft, so let's look at his perspective on the Giants. The man with the magic hair gave the Giants a B- when the draft ended, and today dropped that mark slightly to a C. Here is what he said:

Although the Giants have had a very good season based on where they are, it's fair to say the draft hasn't really played a role. Prince Amukamara is seeing significant time now but was out early after a broken foot. He has played a bit better in recent weeks, but it's hard to say at this point whether he projects as more than a solid regular. Marvin Austin was a good value based on talent, but the defensive tackle out of North Carolina got hurt early and hasn't factored in. Jerrel Jernigan hasn't really worked his way into the offense. Greg Jones was a nice value, but he has seen only spot duty thus far. One promising rookie year has come from Henry Hynoski -- but he was an undrafted free agent. There's talent here, but it's still early days, and this class hasn't really had a noticeable effect on the season.

It is actually hard to argue with Kiper here. He forgot to mention linebacker Jacquian Williams, but other than that he is on target.

Need some talk about the 2012 Draft? Here is a look at what some of the early mock drafts are saying about what the Giants might do.