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Afternoon Giants Notes, Packers Perspective

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Here are some quick Wednesday afternoon notes for you from the Green Bay perspective as the Packers get ready to host the New York Giants this weekend in an NFC Divisional Round game.

Greg Jennings picks Aaron over Brett | National Football Post
Packers WR thinks he knows which QB is best

Giants playoff week: Wednesday Packers practice report - JSOnline
The most notable part of Wednesday's practice was that nobody was working out on the sideline or standing in sweats next to on-going drills. All 53 members of the team were in uniform and practicing.

McKenzie Firing Jackson Could Lead To A Packers Exodus | Cheesehead TV
The former director of football operations for the Packers could end up taking quite a few Packers coaches with him in his new post as general manager of the Raiders.

Column: Packers are in the midst of another golden era
Talk of a dynasty will certainly heat up if the Packers win another Lombardi Trophy on Feb. 5. Any team with a chance to win three straight is going to be the object of intense and endless discussion on that topic. After all, only twice in the 92-year history of the NFL have teams won three in a row: The 1929-31 Packers before there were playoffs - when the title was decided by the final standings - and the 1965-67 Lombardi teams.

But even if the Packers fall short this year, their current run of success still ranks among the best ever.

Better wide receivers: Packers or Giants?

Interview With Packers Safety Morgan Burnett - Acme Packing Company
An interview with Green Bay Packers S Morgan Burnett about this season and his upcoming game against the Giants.

Packers' Next Opponent: Giants - JSOnline
The New York Giants appear to be a different, more confident team than the one that lost seven games in the regular season.

Will that be enough to upset the Green Bay Packers on Sunday in an NFC divisional playoff game at Lambeau Field?

Not one of four executives in personnel for NFL teams that were surveyed Tuesday thinks the Giants (10-7) will beat the Packers (15-1).

"I think it's going to be a battle," an NFC scout said. "If you had asked me this six weeks ago, I wouldn't have thought that. But I do think Green Bay will win because they're so good. "This isn't coasting a little bit at the end of the year because we won so dang many games. This is a playoff game . . . single-elimination . . . and that's a lot different. You put Green Bay in that mentality against the Chiefs, and the Chiefs don't have a chance."

Are Green Bay Fans the N.F.L.'s Classiest? -
A late-night phone call in 2008 was another example of the generosity of Packers fans during the week that Green Bay hosted the Giants in the N.F.C. title game.