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Giants' Tom Coughlin: 'It's Not About Me'

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Great post about New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin this morning from Ian O'Connor of ESPN New York. It reminded me of why I have always pulled for Coughlin to succeed, and why he is such a terrific representative of the Giants' franchise.

For me, here was the central part:

Coughlin can match [Bill] Parcells' two Super Bowl titles here, and put himself in the company of the all-time NFL greats. When reminded that another ring would greatly enhance his place in history, Coughlin said, "That's not the goal that I have. I was taught that it's not about me.

"It's about us. It's always about us, and about what it would mean to these young men who have earned the right to be in this competition."

You have to admire the way Coughlin has always conducted himself. The buffoon who coaches the other New York team and always needs to be the center of attention could, and should, learn some things from the old man who coaches the Giants.

Coughlin was surprisingly reflective in speaking with O'Connor. What I really want to know is how O'Connor managed to get Coughlin to let his guard down, ever so briefly. Nice work, and a rare glimpse at Coughlin talking -- even just a little bit -- about himself.