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'Friday Five' With Pat Traina, Season-Opening Edition

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It is time for this week's 'Friday Five' with Inside Football editor Pat Traina. This week we deal with the question of how important Jonathan Goff's loss is to the New York Giants defense, some roster issues and Pat refuses to make a prediction on whether or not the Giants are a playoff team.

Ed: How big is the loss of Jonathan Goff to the Giants defense? That has been a source of debate at Big Blue View, and while some downplay it, I think it is huge. Your thoughts?

Pat: Huge. Goff was finally starting to come into his own. While perhaps a shade or two under the Terrell Thomas injury that I think takes the cake right now, with the Giants set to go into the season with a rookie, I have to wonder if perhaps we're going to see more of the Big Safety package this week.

Ed: With the tremendous number of injuries they have suffered, can this Giants team still play winning defense, especially early in the season? I think it has to if the Giants are going to be good, since the offense is a work in progress.

Pat: I thought the defense actually looked pretty good in the preseason after that first game against Carolina. The offense didn't look too bad - they still however need to clean up their issues in the red zone.

Ed: Looking at the 53-man roster, which player who made it surprises you the most? Was there a cut that particularly surprised you?

Pat: I was surprised that DJ Ware made it over André Brown. To my eyes, Brown looked more consistent. I was glad they were able to get Brown back on the practice squad. I was somewhat surprised that they IRed Rosenfels for his illness (that's what's listed on the injury report). I realize he didn't play much in preseason, but it's not like he's someone we don't' know much about, and he was so instrumental in holding on place kicks. So I'll be curious to see how Tynes does with what's basically now his fourth holder n two years (Feagles, Dodge, Rosenfels and Carr/Weatherford)

Ed: Are you as surprised as I am that the Giants did not put in any waiver claims, especially at either tight end or cornerback where it looked like there were some players who might be able to help them?

Pat: Not really. I was able to get a list of the tight ends and corners available the say after the final cuts were made and there really wasn't anyone that I think convinced Jerry Reese to take a chance on. Remember if you grab a veteran before Game 1, you're on the hook for his entire salary. And some of these veterans want more than the veteran minimum commensurate with their experience.

Ed: Does this Giants team make the playoffs or not?

Pat: Aw, Ed. I hate having to answer this question if I can help it because I don't have a crystal ball to where I can predict how their competition does. So I'm going to pass on this one - sorry. If you want to ask me after six weeks then I'll have a better idea of the landscape of the league.