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'Friday Five' With Pat Traina

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Time for our weekly 'Friday Five' with Inside Football editor Pat Traina. Be sure to check out Pat's site for my answers to her questions.

Ed: Give me your assessment of Michael Vick's complaints about not being protected enough by the officials. I watched Sunday's game a couple of times and I didn't see anything that I thought was dirty or illegal. How about you?

Pat: I agree and I just get the sense that Vick was frustrated. Well you know what? Too bad. The Giants and their fans were frustrated for six straight games, and I don't ever recall the -players complaining about the breaks they got.

Ed: More than anything else I think Sunday's victory over Philly was huge for the psyche of the Giants team. Privately, there had to be a lot of doubt in that locker room about whether or not they still had enough talent to get the job done against the good teams. Thoughts?

Pat: I disagree. I don't think there was ever any doubt in an individual level as to whether they could take down Philly. In fact several players were just glowing about the game plan the coaches installed (they didn't share it with me, obviously, but several guys were so giddy over it that you just came away with hope that this time it would be different).

Ed: Let's spotlight Will Beatty this week. What have you thought of his play so far this season?

Pat: I think he's done well. He started out a little shaky at the beginning of the season, but that was really a result of the offensive lien trying to come together with their communication. I thought Beatty handled DE Trent Cole just fine last week, even if he did have a little extra help. I also think he's become much more at ease in his new role.

Ed: Is there one position, or one area, of this Giants team that you still see as an immense weakness. Any ideas on how to address it?

Pat: Special teams. While it's gotten better, every so often you find that piece of candy that just disgusts you. I'm hoping as the young guys who make up the various special teams gain more experience, the hiccups that show up go away. The other thing that I haven't been too happy with is the tackling, which at times has been atrocious. With the new player safety rules in place, I don't know how a coach can address that at the speed it needs to be at, though.

Ed: This Arizona game is, to me, a very dangerous one for the Giants. There was soooooo much focus on Philly. What's the mood? Do you sense a letdown coming, or do you sense that the momentum from beating the Eagles will carry over?

Pat: Right now, everyone is saying the right things, but action speaks louder than words. I think the Giants can top Arizona and I don't get the sense that they're spent, but you never know with this team. I will say this... if they come out flat against the Cards, I can almost guarantee you that the drums will start beating for Tom Coughlin's head.