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Eagles, Fans Are At A Loss

Let's just say the folks in Philly are not taking Sunday's 29-16 loss by the Philadelphia Eagles to the New York Giants very well.

We know all about Michael Vicks's unbecoming whining about getting hit too much. Vick can go right ahead and believe he isn't protected by officials. Eagles fans do, as evidenced by this: "It's not really up for debate as to whether Vick doesn't get the calls other QBs do. We know he doesn't."

Eagles' running back LeSean McCoy, who got into an offseason war of words with Osi Umernyiora, took at jab at the Giants, saying "That team over there is not better than us."

Eagles' coach Andy Reid is also getting panned for something that should be very familiar to Giants' fans -- his short-yardage play-calling.

After six straight losses to the Eagles it certainly is refreshing to see the shoe on the other foot for a change.

[NOTE: One request, guys. Leave the Eagles fans to their misery. Stay here and chat about the game and stay away from BGN. Nothing good will come from that.]