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Giants 29, Eagles 16: Twitter Talk

No transcripts for me to work from this evening. Today's 29-16 victory by the New York Giants over the Philadelphia Eagles was, of course, in Philly. Those are only provided to Big Blue View when the Giants are home. So, what to do in order to bring you some post-game reaction? Well, turn to Twitter of course.

Here are some of my favorite tweets that have been posted since Eli Manning took his final knee Sunday afternoon.

Get the feeling this Dream Team stuff bothered the #NYG? ... Says S Antrel Rolle: "If they're the Dream Team, what are we?"

-- The Blue Screen

Brandon Jacobs on Eagles: "They continue being the Dream Team and keep dreaming." Asked if NYG shut them up: "We definitely shut 'em up."

-- Jeff Roberts

Im so proud of My Boys right now. They stood up with attitude, pride & determination today.. the results was a huge conference WIN!

-- Jimmy Kennedy

I've never seen some many middle fingers lol I love it.

-- Justin Tuck

Mission accomplished, what a great team victory, well coached, well played. Now let's make like a tree!!!

-- Steve Weatherford

Cruz: team needed me and I just made the play. It means the world to me and glad I made it.

-- Giants

JPP has all my respect!! Amazing performance young man....

-- Michael Strahan