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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Week 3

Hey fellas.....Ed asked me to move my crystal ball blog picks over here to share them with all of you. In Week 1, I took a beating going 7-9, but rebounded in Week 2 by going 13-3. So my record is 20-12 going into my debut of picks on BBV.

New England at Buffalo--I had to face Tom Brady in Week 1 in fantasy, and have to face him again in Week 3 in my other league. That dude might throw for 5000 yards. However, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson are actually a solid 1-2-3 punch. I don't know what the over/under is, but it may not be high enough. Patriots 37, Bills 30

Jacksonville at Carolina--The Jags are much better against the run than against the pass (through two games anyway), which bodes well for Cam Newton. Did you guys ever think the original Steve Smith would become more relevant than SS12 again? Kinda warms my heart right about now. Panthers 27, Jaguars 22

San Francisco at Cincinnati--Jerome Simpson busted for weed. What exactly do they teach these Bengals in camp? Niners are in Season 7 of "giving Alex Smith a chance." Right. Bengals 20, Niners 17

Miami at Cleveland--The way Buffalo is playing, the Dolphins might go 4-12. The Browns keep inching their way to respectability. Browns 21, Dolphins 16

Detroit at Minnesota--I never thought I'd utter these words--boy, am I glad the Giants don't have to play the Lions this year. Of course, this is the year we DON'T have Minnesota, and I wish we did. Lions 38, Vikings17

Houston at New Orleans--Forget about offense, because both teams are explosive. The Texans have given up 10 points per game while the Saints have given up 27.5 per game. I don't think the Texans win, but this will not be a shootout. Saints 23, Texans 20

NY Giants at Philadelphia--I am holding a 10-foot pole right now (insert jokes as you will). Eagles 30, Giants 20

Denver at Tennessee--With Mike Munchak running the Titans, did anyone expect their defense to be this good? Titans 27, Broncos 13

NY Jets at Oakland--Is it just me or do the Raiders always play the Jets tough? I just have a funny feeling. Raiders 17, Jets 14

Baltimore at St. Louis--John Harbaugh's team is angry and they are going to take things out on Sam Bradford. We all love Spags but he's on his way to 0-3. Ravens 28, Rams 6

Kansas City at San Diego--Two games in, and Todd Haley's job security could be in jeopardy. I mean, 44.5 points per game? If you have Philip Rivers this week, you are going to love your stat line. Chargers 44, Chiefs 10

Green Bay at Chicago--I love that this rivalry has been renewed, and while the Pack has a video game offense, their defense has a few too many holes. I mean, that defense should not allow a rookie QB throw for 400 yards. Packers 24, Bears 20

Arizona at Seattle--Even if you live in Phoenix or Seattle, is there any reason to watch this game? Seahawks 20, Cardinals 16

Atlanta at Tampa Bay--I can't figure these two teams out, but I do know this--the Falcons are not the same away from the Dome. If their D can make Jay Cutler look like Aaron Rodgers, imagine what Josh Freeman will do. Bucs 27, Falcons 20

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis--Can you guys picture Peyton Manning in his living room simulating being under center, flapping his arms and shouting to his imaginary receivers, while having to watch Kerry Collins actually under center? I kind of feel bad for NBC. Steelers 34, Colts 17

Washington at Dallas--I know I speak for many of you when I say that I hate the Redskins less than I hate the Eagles and Cowboys. But we can't possibly want the Redskins to get to 3-0, can we? Cowboys 24, Redskins 23