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'Friday Five' With Pat Traina

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Time for our weekly 'Friday Five' with the fabulous editor of Inside Football, Pat Traina. It's Eagles week, I wonder if there is anything interesting to talk about. Follow the jump and find out.

Ed: What is your take on Aaron Ross? Do the Giants need to give Michael Coe or Brian Williams a full shot to see if one of them can do better?

Pat: Well I believe we saw Michael Coe go in for Ross on Monday night only to get burned on a touchdown pass, so is he really the answer? I think what will happen is that Tom Coughlin will sit down with Ross and see if there isn't some sort of "coaching" (advising) he can't offer him. I really don't know what's going on with Ross - he never comes out to talk to the media, which is somewhat frustrating, as I'd love to hear what he has to say. But I do know that he needs to start playing better otherwise it's going to be a long, long afternoon on Sunday.

Ed: Ross is not the only problem in the Giants secondary. Why are there so many communication breakdowns? This is a veteran group.

Pat: I'd like to blame it on the lockout, but I know better than o do that. So I'll blame it on the injuries ... yeah that's it. Seriously, if you go back to last year, the one thing that Jerry Reese said in his season-ending presser is that he didn't think that the team had to be blown up. So what happened? The team has been blown up, although not completely by choice. The result? A lot more rough patches than initially anticipated.

Ed: I have been fairly impressed by rookie middle linebacker Greg Jones thus far. What is your assessment of Jones to date?

Pat: I think he's done very well against the run, but is still feeling his way around a bit in space. No question that he's going to evolve into a good one, but it should be remembered that he's a rookie and it's going to take a little time for him to really grow his sea legs.

Ed: Off the way they played in their first two games many people will give the Giants no chance Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. What is your blueprint for how the Giants can go into Philadelphia and come out with a victory?

Pat: Wow, where do I start? Keep the Eagles out of their nickel and dime packages, for starters. That means keep third downs manageable. Eliminate the mistakes such as turnovers and stupid penalties. Keep Vick and company off the field. And double-team Trent Cole.

Ed: What is your take on 'Flop-Gate?' I think we all know Deon Grant took a dive. Is the league reacting a little too harshly, or are they right?

Pat: If Deon Grant cheated - and I don't believe he did - then no, the league is not reacting too harshly. However, you know the old saying - innocent until proven guilty. On Wednesday Grant passionately defended himself and his toughness, saying he's never once faked anything and in fact he's played through some debilitating injuries his entire career. He also correctly pointed out that no one can crawl inside another person's body and tell for certain how someone feels and he sounded resentful that someone would even dare to suggest he would fake an injury.