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'Flop-Gate' Leads To Warning From NFL

I guess you can call it the 'Deon Grant Warning.' It isn't really a rule, but the NFL has issued a warning to teams threatening fines, suspensions and possible loss of draft picks for players faking injuries.

I guess the league didn't much like Grant's flop to the MetLife Stadium turf Monday night -- and let's face it, that's exactly what it was. The Giants needed some way to get a stoppage of play so they could get organized against the Rams no-huddle offense, and Grant provided it by forcing the timeout.

I can't really blame those people who are outraged by Grant's faking an injury, but if you think that is something that has never been done before by an NFL team then you are being ridiculous. The really outrageous part of the whole thing is the crazed, indignant reaction.

It's not against the rules -- although it certainly is against the spirit of the rules. You can't tell me other teams in the league would not have done the same thing. Besides, ever watch a soccer game where guys hit the deck like their legs have been sawed off every time they get touched? Or an NBA game, where the phantom flop is an art form?

This reaction from the NFL was probably inevitable after the Rams complained and it might even be the right one. But, how is anyone going to prove a player faked an injury? I just think threatening the loss of draft picks over what, really, was a savvy play by Grant is over the top.

What did you guys think of Grant's dive, and the league's reaction?