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Around the NFL, SB Nation Style

It is a night off for the New York Giants. There has been no movement on the Osi Umenyiora saga. Steve Smith has visited and reportedly had his knee checked. We knew about that. No roster moves have been made.

With all of that nothingness to talk about let's look around the league and see what else is going on. We do that, of course, by checking in with the other fan-tabulous SB Nation football writers. So, let's go Touring SB Nation.

DeSean Jackson "Just Ready To Come Back And Play Football" - SB Nation Philly

I know what I'm here for, and that's to play football. That's my livelihood. That's what I love to do, so at the end of the day man I'm just going to keep going out there with a smile on my face regardless of ups and downs. I know where my destination is, and my destiny is to be here and to be an Eagle. So I just want to, like I said, just keep doing the right things and working hard and hopefully everything pans out."

Jackson, of course, has ended his holdout and returned to the Eagles.

Bears Just as Much To Blame For Family Night Debacle - SB Nation Chicago

All the blame from Friday's mess was directed at the Chicago Park District. This is somewhat warranted, because the CPD does take care of the turf at Soldier Field and the reason for the cancellation was problems with the grass. This could have easily been avoided if the Bears would just put in field turf.

This is where the Bears get the blame. The CPD would install field turf faster than a Todd Collins interception return for a touchdown. The problem is the Bears don't want it. Call it financial reasons or just plain stubborness, but the Bears are not willing to give in.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers release first 2011 depth chart - Mason Foster starts - Bucs Nation

Giants fans who wanted Foster in New York might not be happy about this. It looks like the Buccaneers believe Foster is the real deal. Remember, the Giants had a shot at him in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft, but took wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan instead.

Colts Wide Receiver Anthony Gonzalez Deserves Cheers For His Stance On HGH - SB Nation Indiana

"To think it (HGH) isn't out there is really ignorant when you consider what can be gained by it with very little risk of getting caught," Gonzalez said.

"Before testing, the only way you got caught was if you were arrested with it or ended up on a supplier list."

He added, "If I could give someone on Wall Street a pill that gives them all the intelligence they need to beat the market -- a little bit like (the movie) 'Limitless' -- and it was illegal but there was no fear of getting caught, I can promise you there would be people lined up around the block for that pill."

Kansas City Chiefs Spotlight: Jon Baldwin - SB Nation Kansas City

Jon Baldwin's career has started off the right way in Kansas City. There were some character questions that were associated with him before the draft and some fans even took the wait-and-see approach in regards to Baldwin's personality. But he's done everything that has been asked of him so far and was even described as a good roommate by quarterback, Matt Cassel, who housed Baldwin for a few days during some player-run practices before the lockout was lifted.