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Prince Amukamara Goes Through First Giants' Practice

Prince Amukamara, the final 2011 first-round draft pick to sign a contract, was on the field Friday night for his first practice with the New York Giants. Amukamara, a cornerback selected 19th overall by the Giants, was wearing No. 20. Amukamara did not take part in any of the seven-on-seven or 11-on-11 work during the practice.

Amukamara said he "trusted my agent" despite the amount of time it took to get a deal.

"He knew that I wanted to be in camp as early as possible. Unfortunately that didn't happen but I am sure that the Giants and my agent (Todd France) came to a fair agreement and I am just happy to be here," Amukamara said.

When asked why it took so long to reach a deal Amukamara said "I really don't know too much of the details."

The former Nebraska Cornhusker missed five on-field practices and was barely a participant Friday night. He said it was "hard to say" how far behind he is.

"I am sure, as practice goes along, I will be able to adapt," Amukamara said.