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Tom Coughlin: 'We Were Very Much Involved' With Kevin Boss

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin spoke briefly this morning about the loss of Kevin Boss, the former New York Giants tight end who today agreed to a four-year, $16 million contract with the Oakland Raiders.

"Disappointed ... we were very much involved in that," Coughlin said. "Obviously we would like to have him here. We've got five tight ends that are going to have to compete for jobs.

"The guys that are here are going to have to continue and prove to us that we can run the offense that we want to run. If we have to make adjustments we'll do it."

The five tight ends on the Giants roster are Travis Beckum, Bear Pascoe, Jake Ballard, Ben Patrick and Christian Hopkins.

As was discussed in the Thursday evening pracice report, Pascoe appears to be working exclusively with the tight ends at this juncture. Coughlin also singled out Ballard as a player who could be the blocking tight end. Ballard is a second-year player who appeared in one game a season ago.

NOTE: I am hoping to be able to put together a more expansive look at how the loss of Boss could change the Giants' offense at some point in the next day or so. Hopefully time will permit me to get that done.