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Ahmad Bradshaw 'Always Wanted To Come Back' To Giants

New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw spoke to a throng of reporters this afternoon, and said that he "always wanted to come back" to the Giants.

Bradshaw was rumored to have been interested in the Dolphins. Asked about that, he said "it's business" and "I really didn’t know about the Dolphins."

Bradshaw signed a contract with the Giants for four years, $18 million, with $9 million guaranteed. He admitted that he had hoped for more.

"We didn’t get what we expected to get, but I’m happy with what I got," he said.

Bradshaw will once again team with Brandon Jacobs, who res-structured his contract in part to ensure that Bradshaw would return to the Giants this season. Bradshaw said Jacobs had been calling him daily, urging him to re-sign with the Giants.

Bradshaw, Jacobs and the other veteran free-agent Giants should practice for the first time Thursday night -- provided that the CBA is ratified in time.