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McKenzie Expects Vote On CBA This Afternoon

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin is expecting to have a full roster of players for practice Thursday night at Giants camp. If the CBA is ratified, he will. If not, the always-prepared Coughlin does have a second practice schedule prepared, just in case.

Giants player rep Kareem McKenzie said "we should have a vote today" on the collective bargaining agreement, but that there were still issues being negotiated.

"We're trying to make sure with this because it's a 10-year deal that everyone is comfortable with it," McKenzie said.

Other Notes

Still no sign of first-round draft pick Prince Amukamara, who remains unsigned.

After practicing in full pads for the first time Wednesday Coughlin said the Giants will go in shorts and shells Thursday and Friday night to give all of the veterans who have not been able to practice a chance to get up to speed.


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