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Take Your Pick: Hakeem Nicks Or DeSean Jackson?

Who is a better wide receiver, Hakeem Nicks of the New York Giants or DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles Faithful Big Blue View commenter TommyD sent along a link from CHARGED magazine -- his place of employment -- comparing the two young stars.

The magazine's conclusion? Nicks is the better of the two players.

It's an interesting breakdown. I'm not taking sides here because I think each guy is a devastatingly good player in his own way. Jackson is more of an explosive deep threat, with 17 TDs and an 18.2 yards per catch average over his three seasons. He isn't the high-volume reception, move the chains receiver Nicks is. His career high in catches is 63. Nicks caught 79 passes a year ago. He uses his size and huge hands to make mid-range plays in traffic that Jackson can't match. He is also an excellent runner after the catch, but his average of 14.6 yards per catch does not match Jackson's. He has 17 touchdowns in his two seasons, though, while it has taken Jackson three seasons to get that number.

Just a little something for you guys to debate. Have at it.