I'm Done.

This is it for me. After watching the absolute and utter debacle of the 2011 Giants preseason, it pains me to come to this conclusion. I never thought it would actually come to this, but the past few seasons have taken a toll on myself, my family, and the Potter's Pub on Hempstead Turnpike. Giants fans, I know you will carry on with your daily business after reading this, but hopefully some of you will have the revelation I have come to accept.

I have decided to retire my fan hood for the New York Giants.

It has been an amazing 11 years for me. I will never forget the great moments I have had with *my* team. 1997 NFC East champions, Superblow appearance with Kerry Collins as our QB, Eli Manning to Plaxico Burress against the Patriots...all amazing.

I remember my first game at Giants Stadium. It was in 2005, where Eli Manning orchestrated a comeback victory over the Denver Broncos. The atmosphere was something to behold. The brittle cold air, the rowdy fans, the chants of "defense!" As a growing lad, my appreciation for the Big Blue grew to astronomical heights when I went there. 

However, times have changed. Collapses have come into fruition and are tainted in Giants blood forever. My Giants heart is not sturdy enough anymore to handle the disappointment of this upcoming season. There is a clear fact that the Eagles will win the NFC East, the Jets will win the Superblow, and Eli Manning will throw 30 INT's this season. There is no hope, there is no light. 

Therefore, with all of these factors considered, my fanhood has been officially rescinded. I will no longer root for the G-Men, instead, I will become a Jets fan. Their team is the hot ticket in New York, and clearly will have the better season because everyone is saying so. It was so obvious to see, how could any Giants fan still support their team?

Please join me Big Blue View: Resign your fandom for the Giants, because they will have a bad season this year, and the Eagles will most surely, without fault, win the NFC East. 



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